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Training is our most popular service; we have a program that works and gets you the results you are seeking. We work closely with each one of our clients and their horse to get to know them together and individually so we can implement our proven training process to produce the best results.  We know you have a busy schedule, so we will customize a plan that suits your lifestyle, your horse's needs and your goals. 

All training rides are done by Stuart and Victoria, however they occasionally let other riders on the horses under their watchful eye to observe and evaluate how the horses are progressing. Stuart and Victoria will do this throughout the training process (especially if the owner cannot be present to ride during the course of the training due to scheduling conflicts or distance), simply because their philosophy is that it is of no use to you if the horses go well for them and not for you.  

Please contact us to inquire about the different training packages we offer, our rates and availability. 

Training: Services
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